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nail surgery procedures

Dependant on the presentation of the in-growing nail part/whole parts of the nail can be removed normally on a permanent basis for long term resolution of the problem.

The procedure is undertaken under a local anaesthetic which offers painless treatment and post operative analgesia.

In most cases an acid is used to kill nail growth tissue which causes a chemical burn which can take 2-3wks to heal. Infected in-growing nails can take longer to heal. Antibiotics can be prescribed should they be required.

Further investigation can be required if there is suspected underlying bony involvement.

All procedures are undertaken with sterile single use instruments.


Healing times differ from case to case dependant on present infection, medical conditions, circulation and activity levels following surgery. Patients often take a couple of days rest after the procedure but often go back to work the following day in a comfortable shoe/sandal.

Resting following surgery often speeds up healing time overall.

Patients are advised to continue dressing the surgical area until dry with sterile dressings.

For further post operative care see information leaflets;


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